The Firm

What is Fukuro Legal ?

Fukurô means "owl" in Japanese, a bird that represents patience, caution, observation and wisdom... values that we understand are linked to the way we practice law in the firm.

Fukuro Legal is a modern law firm that was created with the aim of providing criminal assistance in Spain to people, mainly German and English speakers, in their own language, but also to offer residents in our country the possibility of accessing legal advice in other territories.

In addition, the knowledge of the different industries of the members of the firm allows us to offer advice not only from a criminal legal point of view but also from a technical point of view. That is why we have the best professionals in the most relevant sectors.

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Why was Fukuro Legal created?

Fukuro Legal was created with a deep vocation for criminal law and a commitment to quality work. Motivation for what we do and how we do it is what sets us apart.

What kind of advice do we provide?

Proximity and Excellence

Our effort and talent is maximum for every person we work with. Our communication with you will be in your language.

We want that, in a context of high concern, you feel an individualized and competent attention when your problem is treated, that is why we study each case carefully and professionally, keeping you informed at all times of the evolution of the matter and taking care of the questions you have.

The knowledge of the different industries, the experience of having worked with foreign clients and our experience abroad allows us to know more clearly your interests and needs.

Critical analysis and transnational scope

We study and analyze with critical capacity the problems in order to obtain innovative solutions. The firm specializes in Criminal Law with the capacity to act not only throughout the national territory, but also at a global level. We have collaborators from different jurisdictions in order to solve problems that know no borders.

What do we offer our clients?

We offer all our clients, both individuals or companies, the best criminal defense in any type of crime in all criminal jurisdictions (Courts of Instruction, Provincial Courts, Supreme Court, National Court, Constitutional Court, European Court of Human Rights...) and stages of the procedure.

We have deep knowledge in International and European criminal law and extradition law.

What are Fukuro Legal's commitments?

Our firm is committed to public and free legal assistance to defend those who lack the resources to hire their own counsel, as well as to the conservation of the environment to contribute to sustainable development.

For this reason, part of the firm's hours are dedicated to public defender's office matters and to investigating crimes against the environment.